Sunday, July 13, 2003

Unhealthy and broken I come to face the facts I've disregarded. Father and Lord of all that there is and ever will be I submit to your will for my life. I need you so much that it is freaking ridiculous. I am going to married in less than a year and I need to live my life like I care. I am an adult whether I hate it or not. I am 21 today. Twenty freaking one. What the hell am I doing with my life. It's time to do something. Or to say it more gracefully, as a sage of sorts could be quoted as screaming over coffee "Get your butt in gear". Jesus sanctify my dilly-dallies. Burn the funk with a hot iron and spit on my complacency. Break molds and break formulas. Allow me to be a vessel once again. Man this disciple thing is a beach and a half. F@*K make money and die. F$#K guilt that leads to apathy. F@#K false pleasure. War the simple life. War sacrifice. War daily self-death. Father empower me to get my butt in f*@#$&g gear.

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