Monday, July 27, 2009


F___ realistic

I'm Ridicualistic

Pragmatic as a mystic

I'm Ridicualisitic

Like Manna's logistics

I'm Ridicualistic

Abrahamicly eccentric

I'm Ridicualisitc

Paradox is intrinsic

To Ridicualisitic

It's not about riches

It's Ridicualistic

Take privlege and risk it

You're Ridicualistic

Beyond Ritualistic

Get Ridicualistic

Spiritually artistic

Is Ridicualistic


So Ridicualisitc

Complexly simplistic

God's Ridicualistic?

(This is a sort of rap done by 13illy which is my rapping name inspired by church yesterday

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Poetry Gig Monday Night 9pm 18th and Oak

Howdy Hey its time for more shameless self promotion

Come out and see me do some Silly Spoken Word tomorrow night at a new venue.  It's free fun times and what else were you going to do on a Monday?

Where:  scionLab @ 18th and Oak behind Grinders
When: 9pm Monday July 6th
What:   Stress Free Monday's - Poetry Night
Cost : FREE!!!! (5 bones for a bottomless cup)

I'll be doing twenty minutes of silliness so bring your friends.