Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poison is Static

Poison is static
The sin tense elastic
Cast often to space

Resound explosive
A lonely emotive
Lied wither enlace

Implied explicit
Reason illicit
Dangerous erase

Re: dreamer is broke in
Mean Inc. less poke in
Life may not outpace

Ridden of goodness
Weed beet if we could this
Unborn just encase

Wisdom redundant
Putrid as judgment
Vision air retrace

Risen redacted
Spoken didactic
Hue minced must embrace

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Derelict Insects

Homeless dung beetles
Shifty shitless hippies
Wandering the windswept desert
The empty excrement lacking expanses
Free from all that dung has to offer

Vagrant caterpillars
Conscientious cocoon objectors
Hoofing it; existentially
Never leaving the tree of their birth
At liberty from the falls of flying

Vegetarian Maggots
Anorexic dirt-eating drifters
Appalled at God’s purpose for them
Driven to exile in the sunlight
Unbound by the edge of a carcass