Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poison is Static

Poison is static
The sin tense elastic
Cast often to space

Resound explosive
A lonely emotive
Lied wither enlace

Implied explicit
Reason illicit
Dangerous erase

Re: dreamer is broke in
Mean Inc. less poke in
Life may not outpace

Ridden of goodness
Weed beet if we could this
Unborn just encase

Wisdom redundant
Putrid as judgment
Vision air retrace

Risen redacted
Spoken didactic
Hue minced must embrace


matt said...

I'd like to say that I understand this one...I really would.

Daniel King said...

the words are all so big and beautiful and it sounds very nice on the tongue. what are you trying to hide under the clevery? it throws me in a brain tornado and I need some direction from the rain maker himself.

Billy Brame said...

Understanding is over rated.

Clevery is sometimes silliness.