Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Proposal (On bended knee)

A Proposal (On bended knee)

Ostensibly, I only use the word ostensibly to impress you.
Then I follow up with a wry self-deprecating wit to undercut my impressiveness.
Ipso facto, I impress you again.
Yes, I have recently Googled the Latin phrase ipso facto
After having read it in the Wall Street Journal
A Wall Street Journal I repurposed from a trashcan.

I wear no cologne only pheromones.
That smell is my aura and my unwashed underarm.
Science told me that you would like pheromones
Which is fortuitous being that I am out of shower gel.
Or is it serendipitous. 
Those are interchangeable synonyms according to

I own stock ironically. Chicken stock.
Both the Swanson brand sold in a carton and one share of Tyson Foods Inc.
The performance art I plan to devise from this double entendre
Will be a game changer in the Irony game.
A game I am concurrently developing for Microsoft.
You get it.  You understand me.

I have rejected the establishment.
And simultaneously established myself.
I will take you into the future if you can take it.
I know this will sound profound because I have read it out loud into a mirror.
You will marry me.  I will marry you. Our wedding will be a triumph,
A Triumph Of The Will without all the Nazis.