Friday, July 11, 2003

Take a log for instance. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but a friend of the family. Your that special. You hog you. Take a pant-leg for instance. I would rather be a has-been than a has-bean. Unless I was a magic has-bean. I plant well for a non-farmer. I take images of indoor soccer fields to Botswana and amaze the children. All of their parents have AIDS. Take a garage sale for instance. I hate to break it to the left coast. Having a primitive notion of locomotion is a nuclear discovery to a native. Pile the coal in a corner and forget how to share with the weaker sex. Take a Crab tree for instance. Telepathic foreigners here my thoughts but don't understand my language. Cell phone towers topped with a cherry red blinking light to prevent my jet plane from becoming too friendly. Take a thought for instance. Mendacity comes to those who wait for anything but the truth. Complete a circle and point out all of its flaws. Hot wire a tow truck and drag your Volkswagen into the outpost for a checkup. Take a frat house for instance. Well to do doers take their time doing life wrong. Wry humor is haphazard when used like musket fire. Question what it means to be an enemy combatant and leave yourself with the warm and fuzziness. Take cotton for instance.

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