Thursday, July 10, 2003

My Car Just Broke

Oops it did it again. It messed with my heart. I got lost in the game. Oh baby baby. I hate cars with a passion, but my passion is less fierce when they work good. Today there was lots of lightning Oooo Scary. My cousins are staying with me and they are adorable and rich a quite interesting combination. I am in KC but my Best Friends far away. Curse Chi-town and Lansing respectively. The roof feel in on our Bible study and the Christians just let the insurance pay for it. LHB is wetter than a firecracker in the ocean. We talked about new beginnings and I think I just might get around to that some time soon. Soon and very soon. And did I mention My car broke, yup cuz it did. :( Curses. Automotives be damned.

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