Monday, July 21, 2003

So here we are in week 2 of my twenty first year of living and the tide turns upwards again. This is one of those indicators of how I am doing when you see me on this every day. If I don't blog then I usually am either really freaking busy and tired or sinnin it up good. Often it is all of the above. I can't believe that the summer is half over. Man I am so scared to leave again. I hate being away from Melissa more than anything in the world. I just need to be with her because I love her so much. I just want school to end now and them to hand me a degree. Man I miss performing. I wish I could find a way to entertain and be an adult. Life is so full of a lot of things I could totally do with out. You've heard it all before. I think this week will be little different.

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