Thursday, May 29, 2003

"When you honor the sanctity of love, the person is exalted and pleasure ensues. But when you seek pleasure for its own sake, it is the person you profane and weariness which ensues."

Ravi Zacharias

This is the finest line in all love relationships. I love Melissa more than anything in the entire world and that brings me so much pleasure. I enjoy holding her hand and kissing her and being next to her all the time. There is nothing explicitly wrong in this. However I know there is a line. There is a time in which we seek pleasure for its own sake, leaving each other as vehicles of pleasure and loving partners. The line is so fine, and being still outside the marriage covenant is so hard. Not consummating my love to Melissa is contrary to everything that I feel inside. But the truth here is that weariness ensues. I think that I wonder what makes relationships so hard sometime and I think it is this. There is nothing wrong with pleasure as a byproduct of love, but pleasure as a separate end inside of a love relationship, is detrimental. God please help me to interweave my life from outside of its compartments. Love must touch all parts of my life.

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