Thursday, May 01, 2003

Man 1: Hello Ho-Bag

Man 2: Hiddy Ho Ho-Bag

Man 3: Hey Hey Hey Ho-Bags

Man 4: What's a Ho-Bag?

Man 1 2 & 3: Duh!

Man 4: No seriously is it good or bad?

Man 1: What's good?

Man 2: What's bad?

Man 3: Your momma.

Man 4: What? What's my momma have to do with ho-bag

Man 1: I don't know you tell me.

Man 4: Listen Ho-bag my momma was . . .

Man 2: You don't know what it means and you said it anyway that makes you a poser a po-bag

Man 4: So a ho-bag's a hoser

Man 3: The maple leaf will reign long after the death of the stripes and stars. There will forever be a Great White North where momma jokes on playgrounds will be the salons for the young philosopher kings. The demons of ingnorence shall never peneatrate her borders. Relative to the wind and anchored to the ice she screams of fish and bear, moose and forest, hockey and Labbat Blue. Vive la Canada. Vive la Canadian slang.

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