Saturday, May 10, 2003

I don't want to go to Tokyo no more. They took my hair net. I am not blaming the Japanese people, it was their government. I wouldn't want to start an Asian holocaust over a hair net but I think that drastic measures should be considered. I declared war on Japan instameaditly. Quicker than a jack rabbit gets hit with his own spit when he hulks a jack rabbit loogy in the wind. My declaration doesn’t mean much, I'm told because of my nation-less status. However I am in the process of talking to some very important nation's that are quite national and full of complete nation status of a first rate variety. Once my posse is formed we can expect the demolition of those inferior hair net nabbers in no time. I suggest a sacking of the city of Tokyo to commence immetainiously. Quicker than a dead goose plays hooky from physics class. Than post-sacking I say we have luau looting party and all wear our re-confiscated hair nets. I'll show those dirty Japs how to treat a lunch lady.

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