Saturday, June 14, 2003

Unto the third and fourth generation

Pain is in the tendencies
I can spot it a mile away
What else could he be doing

The routines that used to be mine
Before I perfected my lies
No innocence in an image age

Pain is in the silence
I refuse to admit my own improprieties
Role models model death to the dying

Maturity brings new closets
Denial is an art form
I can't even look in his eyes

Pain is in the similarities
The vigilant lust is to be pleased
Or the demon will only grow stronger

He is me. And I am He
What will They Become
Please God kill the shadows today

Pain is in the criminal dispositions
Can even retrospect correct this?
Or will the next follow in lockstep

To see him lie my lies
To see him reach in my bag of tricks
To see him seek at all cost
To see him lose his innocence
To see him begin to die
To see him mirror my every sin

Is to see my own sin again

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