Thursday, April 18, 2013

Structuring Symbiosis: An Ethereal Collaborative Word-Building Project Constructed Sillily; a Participatory Poem

Today our words will gesture toward an impossible world
A culture that cannot exist; yet does
The aim is not agreement in our neighborhood it is presence
A family without fights is too clean

This is a calling for conversation
Mutually beneficial like a sandwich;
Academic as astronauts;
Intimately connected like dissimilar lovers;

Listening and Questioning
Tongue tickling dialogue
Put your feather dusters in your mouths
And remove all that has been lying around
Laying around

Prepare to educate yourselves
Wipe off your minds’ insides and make room
The innovators and the idea generators
Will explore each other
Like a blind man with his brail erotica

The peacemakers and placemakers
Rapping Metronomic as pacemakers
Will spill the future into our ears
Genomic wisdom will emerge

And you will build along with them
Constructing new syllables
Manufacturing myths
Fashioning phrases

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