Saturday, August 08, 2009

Reformation, I say

I am all for Tort Reform
Those Bastards
All their unbridled torting
It is time, I say, for a reformation
Martin Luther (not the King) style
Can a cowboy get a 95 theses up in here?

And also Land Reform
I am all for that
(If one can be all for more than one thing)
Those Fascist Hippies
It is time for a reformation of the land, I say
Can a bus driver get his 40 acres and a mule?

Oh and Health Care Reform
That, I am all for
Those Greedy Dentists
I say socialize my medicine
Like a homeschooled girl at a reformation picnic
Can a doorman get a vaccination?

And also, Immigration Reform
All that, I am for
Those Apple Pie Haters
Ship them out, says I, reformation style
Castrate and excommunicate
Can a Calvinist get a green card neighbor?

Likewise with, Campaign Finance Reform
For that, am I, all
Those Scientists
Close the books and throw away the key
Into the depths of reformation hell, I say, I say
Can a cobbler get a corruption charge?

Finally, Welfare Reform
Am, for, that, all, I
Those Crocodile Sweaters
Take it all back and reform her
I say, row by row, I say, color coded, I say
Can a preacher get a reformation up in this piece?

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Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping it going.