Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Hearts

It is a Tuesday in my heart
Early November in an even year
And Peace is running
Like a river more than a candidate
Dripping with potential
He’s damned upstream but ready to be let.

It is Evening in my heart
On the West Coast polls just closed
And Peace is losing
Like a sunset more than a boxer
The darkness is imminent
His fiery shafts stretch as the purple pushes.

Democracy fails in my heart.
Fear of corruption grips the populace
And Peace is missing
Like a rainbow’s end more than a runaway
Ethereal and distant
He’ll return one day with Revolution


Rachel said...

This may be one of favorites. Mhmm. Like its.

Anonymous said...

This is good. So much seems to be missing. Is this meant to be? Is planned?


Greg LaFollette said...

i said proudly, "that's my boy, billy." sionnie said, "i like my sister is a rhombus."