Monday, January 12, 2009

Recklessly innocent; He stayed, fearless
Eternity embodied in Immaturity
A boy with business
Pulled into the presence of priesthood
Melchizedek in miniature.

Three days later.
Three worrisome wisdom filled days.
Three timeless tomb-less questioning days after.

Caught in the act of defiant worship
Can a mother reprimand her Savior?
Where else would he be?
Being Human fully at the feet of forever.

Then He obeyed.


Matt F. said...

So succinct. So wonderful. Is this inspired by Sunday’s sermon? Keep these up.


Billy Brame said...

I have been thinking about trying to do this for a while. Writing about the sermons helps me process them on a little deeper level.

daniel King said...

Wowzers Billy! I did the exact same thing...but have not posted it. And for the same reasons you give.

Dk said...


Daniel said...

I like how you ended this. Did you get the feeling that the little twelve year old was kind of being a little prick? I have a hard time not feeling that way...And then years later, in that boat, he kind of comes across much the same.