Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haiku Captions

proud and angular;
reflective, industrial
she reaches toward sky.

I like my friend Drew. He is a photographer that takes pretty sweet photographs all the time. I just put a link to his picture blog. Ignore the ones of weddings or babies and only look at the random shots.

I've been wanting to write poems inspired by his stuff for a while. I decided to do Haiku Captions because I think this form fits his style. Not that he's Asian, because he isn't.

Check out his Flicker

Or if you need pictures of your weddings and babies and random stuff go to his business website Van Horn Visuals


daniel King said...

I like his picture of the new talcum flavored bubbleyum xanax.

Rachel said...

I'll be sure to place your comments in the services-suggestions-box.