Saturday, August 23, 2003

"I'm not a Slave
To a God that doesn't exist
I'm not a Slave
To a World that doesn’t give a s**t"

Marilyn Manson "Fight Song"

I just stayed up way to late to watch a movie that got me too hype on too many stupid ideas that get me so hype that I have to stay up and write about them than go to sleep. So about 6 months ago everybody and their mom watched this movie called "Bowling for Columbine" and told me I should do the same. The premise of the documentary film is that America has the most gun violence in the world. They try to figure out why and never really give any definitive answers. There is so much underlying activism in the movie that it can't possibly come into your head and not make an impact. I know that guns are bad, but now I know I shouldn't shot people. I don't know what I know I just know that Marilyn Manson is right. I am not a slave, being oppressed against my will by a fictitious Deity. I am a bondservant to a God-Man who has given s**t upon s**t for me. The cross the biggest s**ter of them all. I'm not a slave to a world either. I am a joint-heir in the kingdom with my Master who has called me son. Okay so that being said the movie rocked and that song got me hype. See it. Decide for yourself whether or not handguns are stupid.

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