Saturday, October 27, 2012

Special Occasions

Although he smelled old
Barry did not feel old
Not tonight anyway
For tonight was a night for Halloween pants

As he brushed his teeth
Barry imagined each pasty white leg
Slipping into their black holes
Emerging triumphantly from his Halloween pants

He took his teeth from their brush cup
And put them into his young feeling mouth

Barry tucked his undershirt into his underwear
And wondered which was truly to be under what

As He stood in front of his wardrobe
Barry began crying
He smiled a porcelain smile
Tears of joy at the thought of his Halloween pants

Inside the door were his regulars
Brown woolen nondescript slacks
He wanted to punch them.
They were trash compared to his Halloween pants

Barry reached behind his thin cotton shirts
To a box marked “Special Occasions”

Before removing the lid he took a deep breath
Pants anticipation was almost as great as pants itself

Tonight would be different.

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