Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Karl Marx and Adam Smith at a Carnival

Karl Marx wears linen pants

Adam Smith wears a sash

Both men wear moccasins

Because everyone likes moccasins

Karl Marx eats cotton candy

Adam Smith eats a candied apple on a stick

They share a funnel cake

Because everyone loves  funnel cake

Karl Marx rides the carousel

Adam Smith rides the roller coaster

They both giggle as they rock their cart on the Ferris Wheel

Because everyone loves the Ferris Wheel

Karl Marx pays to kiss the bearded lady

Adam Smith pays to arm wrestle the strong man

They both sneak into the Siamese twin exhibit

Because everyone knows Siamese twins are just two liars taped together

Karl Marx plays Duck Pond 

Adam Smith tries to knock down bottles

They both want to win the giant stuffed Panda

Because everyone wants a giant stuffed Panda

Karl Marx picks the wrong duck

Adam Smith misses all three bottles

They both lose

Because everyone loses at carnival games

Karl Marx uses the Johnny-On-The-Spot

Adam Smith vomits on a pigeon

Both men smile

Because everyone loves the carnival

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We are Drew and Selena said...

That is awesome!