Friday, April 04, 2008

Meeting David Wilson

I saw a preview for this on Channel 1 today. Also check out David Wilson's site.

It is a documentary about the legacy of slavery in America. I am excited to illegally download it as soon as it airs on MSNBC on April 11th.


Matt said...

Wow. Just the trailer almost brought me to tears. I really want to see this.

Anonymous said...

I am very much interested to know how can I get this or to download it. Thanks!!!

Billy Brame said...

Well anonymous there is no torrent. I have looked. My buddy bought the DVD from his website but they are sold out now. I know that 16.99 on Amazon but I'll tell you that the DVD is not the best quality. It isn't even edited. It still has the bump-in and out blurbs from the TV broadcast. This was an awesome idea and an engaging story but the cinematic / artistic stuff could've used some work. Don't try too hard is what I'm saying because you might get let down.