Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Picture yourself on a raft in the ocean
Expansive emptiness; overcast skies
Somewhere beneath you, a rumble quite slowly
A beast with ambiguous eyes
Torrents exploding so grayish and black
Towering over your head
Look for Leviathans dark empty eyes
And it’s gone.

Princess in a tempest with dragons.

Follow it down to the floor of the ocean
Where underfed mermen eat navy supplies
Everyone weeps as you sink past the old ships
Full of bones that will never be dry
Newspaper rainstorms fill the horizon
Waiting to take you away
Escape from both faces; fierce as forever
And you’re gone.

Princess in a tempest with dragons.

Picture yourself after sea storms have settled
A sun in greyscale telling weatherman lies
Suddenly deep from the ocean around you
The beast with ambiguous eyes

Princess in a tempest with dragons.

This is a painting that my buddy Teddy did (click on the picture to see a clearer view) and I couldn't get the image out of my head after I saw it. I can't get the Beatles song, that this poem alludes to, from my brain either. (hint Princess = Lucy)

Check out more of Teddy's Art here


Anonymous said...

i just listened to that song as i read your poem and it was wonderful! this is what i have been missing!

i read through it without the music first and it definatly stands on it's own, but the music adds another level to it.

there are several things i like about the poem, but i will mention the line, "princess in a tempest with dragons." simply fantastic.

i love you man


J.W. Harding said...

I would agree,

Really good stuff; really fun and clever at the same time.

Well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

i know you are on spring break so give me more of the good stuff!!