Monday, October 09, 2006

Ninja Revenja

What Ninja’s do when they’re not ninjaing

Have you wondered what ninjas do when they are not ninjaing? What are they like at the grocery store or at a party. How would it feel to be a ninja all the time. Come check out an all new free comedy show
And we will answer all your ninja questions including some you didn’t think to ask.

Two shows
Written and Preformed by
Billy Brame &
Brian Lechner
Friday October 13th
5:30 and 6:30
Downtown KCK in front of the Library
625 Minnesota Ave.

Check out our flyer here

Check out the Downtown KCK website here


Matt Fillingham said...

Hey man, we were heading out to the Jacob's Well art opening that night anyway, we'll try to catch your show on the way..


Natasha said...

Billy Brame! Hey, this is Natasha from way back when...(Jamaica 97 and camp).I found your site off Nick Pick's. Hey, my husband and I do the Big Brother/Big Sister Program and we have our "Little" this Friday. I'm thinking your show would be fun to take him to - he's going to be a Ninja for Halloween - is it "child appropriate"??

Natasha said...

Thanks for the description - I think we will head that way. Our little is 9, and judging by some of the movies he's told me he has seen, I think we will be safe with your show! See ya then!