Wednesday, August 03, 2005

If James Bond had a bunny, and the bunny did not look good in a tuxedo, do you think that 007 would let him where a jumpsuit, or overalls, or a sundress, or a flesh colored unitard, or a dragon mask, if it made the bunny feel more comfortable even if it made people look down on the bunny and call him names like fancy, and ninny, and twirly, and lollipop, and loosey goosey, and then those same insensitive people would vicariously think less of the Bond man himself . . . or do you think that Bond, James Bond, would just have his bunny put down, or assassinated or guillotined or stir fried or sacked by a gaggle of pirates just because he refused to where the oppressive clothes of the aristocracy? It hardly seems fair.

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josh said...

hey man i am glad to be home, i totally want to hang out. i am planning on only working 20hrs/wk so hopefully we will have lots of time. also i wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed your "silly by billy" cd. i am looking foward to seeing you preform next time. God has giffted you in so many ways and you have really ran with this one. love ya man