Monday, January 24, 2005

Manage my ability to be involved in the mystical. Not too much so as to rock the boat. I wish that there was a way to become good at knowing what to say. I am saying I would take that class. If my encouraging words are seldom heard it is because I am in Kansas. Perhaps I should tell her that. But what if I was to know exactly what she needed to hear? I would feel like a trickster saying it. A manipulative magician working tricks in her to change the way she sees things. Is Jesus like magic? Is it wrong to want him to be? Than again I want results more than I want answers. Just go ahead and fix it all and it will be okay. Don't feel like you have to tell me more than that it is done. Thy will be done is what I am trying to say I suppose. Or is that my cop out of the day? Cynical people question everything even their sincerity in questioning everything. That's why cynicism kills encouragement; it is too caught up in the flaws of self and society to push the tender hearts that carry their flaws like heavy luggage without wheels. Stop standing at the baggage carasoul critiquing the possessions of your peers and run to help her, before the sheer weight makes her miss her flight. Mystisize me.

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Billy Brame said...

Where seldom is heard a DISCOURAGING word.. it's your own state song and you don't even know the right words.. I am going to contact your state representative and tattle on you.. not like anyone actually knows their state song.. (missouri's is the missouri waltz i think..) but in order for things to be smart and clever you at least need to get the words right... but that is why you have me around to point out things that are wrong to humble you a bit.. but then you just think you are "too funny".. so you are not humbled at all.. but it is pretty funny that you have to look up the huge pointless words you use before you use them in your silly pointless blog.. but I love you still.. all of these silly pointless things are all a part of you.. and I love you more than anything.. but I still like to tease you about the silly pointless things you like to do to make you feel important.. like this comment for example was your idea.. so you would feel cool that you have a long comment.. so here I am your wife writing to make you feel cool.. but also to bring you down a bit too.. because I think you need that sometimes.. MUAH!