Thursday, April 24, 2003

To dive into a pool of shallow water is infantile unless you are shallow yourself. I have a friend who is 2 feet shallow and can dive into 3 feet of water just fine. She was raised in the Sahara and never got a proper amount of Vitamin C. Camel milk happens to be quite Vitamin C less. She tours with the circus jumping into shallow pools at her our risk. She makes pretty decent cash for a leper. She still has most of her skin. Water is apparently bad for leprosy so she has recently been diving into pools of vegetable oil. This helps her skin look young as it dies away and falls to the ground. Shallow circus folk are incredibly loyal and she always remembers my birthday. This last year she bought me a paint by number set. She never fails to send Christmas cards to me even though she's Jewish and one time she congratulated me on the birth of my child. I don't have any Children anymore but it is the thought that counts.

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